An island in the North Atlantic defined by a mountainous coastline and a relatively flat interior.

A physical landscape that has been inhabited by humans for the past 10,000 years with each successive age leaving a distinctive mark.

Ireland with TrekkingTruTime presents the opportunity for the vacation of a lifetime.

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The Irish

A people rooted in tradition and culture, where in some places gaelic or Irish is still the native tongue. A people that since the great famine of the 1840s have been dispersed to all corners of the globe. A nation famous worldwide for their hospitality and a country where, from the capital Dublin in the east coast to the mountainous villages and picturesque ports, you will meet a warm and proud people delighted to welcome you to their country.


The location relative to the warm Atlantic results in general cool summers, mild winters and an abundance of wind. This combination results in the lush green grasses of the “Emerald Isle”. The mild temperatures often result in beautiful summer months and occasional Indian Summers. Summer daytime temperatures generally range between 65-78F (18-25c) with nighttime dropping to 55-60F (12-15c). Our location means long summer evenings with night arriving after 10pm. However the climate in Ireland can be unpredictable. Scattered showers may occur all year round while wind can be a factor particularly in coastal and mountainous regions. The combination of all these factors often lead to the most spectacular rainbows and skyscapes and nowhere are these more dramatic than the western shores where cloud formations and sunsets ensure dramatic vistas. Our advice is to come prepared-bring good waterproof gear, sturdy water repellant boots, suncream and sunglasses- you will use them all and sometimes on the same day.