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Walking into Ireland’s highest mountain Carrauntoohil in county Kerry


The relative inaccessibility of the uplands has ensured that archaeological features often survive where elsewhere they have been removed or destroyed by centuries of human activity. A stone alignment in the Connemara mountainsThe evidence for this comes from place-names, archaeology, literature, oral traditions and scientific investigations. The settled lifestyle afforded by farming from c. 4000 BC led to the development of religious beliefs, some of which centered on …READ MORE

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Walking Holiday Tours in Ireland with Martin Fitzpatrick of trekkingtrutime

Pulnabrone portal tomb in the Burren in county Clare.

Martin Fitzpatrick offers the more discerning traveler the delights of walking in Ireland and the fascinating history of the places and their monuments.

When, the American geologist and mountaineer, Clarence King got to the top of one of the highest peaks of the Sierra Navada in 1871 hoping to make a first ascent he found a small cairn …READ MORE

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Ireland’s Ancient East with trekkingtrutime

We must be doing something right at TrekkingTruTime as Tourism Ireland have just launched a new campaign highlighting the ancient monuments of the east and south of the country.  This campaign follows on from the very successful counterpart on the west coast known as the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ .  Both campaigns highlight various places to visit and explore.  The ‘Ireland’s Ancient East’ route will advertise historical monuments in the Irish landscape that TrekkingTruTime have been …READ MORE

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Where to Walk in Irelands Mountains

Measuring just 280 kilometers (171 miles) at its widest point east-west and 486 kilometers (302 miles) north-south the island affords the opportunity to experience walking in a variety of different regions in one visit. The physical geography of the island of Ireland, coupled with the easy access to the higher ground, the range of routes available and the mild climate combines to ensure that Ireland is a premier walking destination. The concentration of mountain ranges …READ MORE

By |Wednesday, February 18, 2015|

Essential guide on what to pack for walking in Ireland

Holiday walking tours Ireland

While walking in County Sligo, i was subjected to a hailstorm, a snow storm and some sunshine.  It is January after all and that is not unexpected.  In the summer season however it can be difficult to decide on what to pack for adventures in the Irish hills and mountains. The following general advise is for those planning on coming to …READ MORE

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Places to Walk within one hour Travel of Galway


Trekking a mountain pass or a famine way in the rural west of Ireland, a herdsman’s track in the Burren, or a Pilgrim path in Connemara, one is instantly  connected with those that walked these paths before you.  The west of Ireland offers an abundance of walking opportunities within an hours drive of Galway City.  Off course if you are travelling with TrekkingTruTime your knowledge of the medieval city will be greatly enhanced …READ MORE

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Walking in Ireland with Ireland Tour Agency

Martin Fitzpatrick offers the more discerning traveller the delights of walking in Ireland and the fascinating history of the places and their monuments.



When,the American geologist and mountaineer,Clarence King got to the top of one of the highest peaks of the Sierra Navada in 1871 hoping to make a first ascent he found a small cairn of stones with an arrow shaft pointing due west.  …READ MORE

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Hiking Tours To The SKELLIG ISLANDS on the Atlantic coast of county Kerry Ireland

 Located 13km off Valentia Island on the Atlantic coast of county Kerry are two jagged rocks (Skellig Michael and Little Skellig) that shoot 200m into the sky and have a very special place in Irish history. Recent filming on the ‘Skelligs’ for the latest Star Wars movie will no doubt catapult these mystical rocks into the global domain but if by any chance you find yourself in West Kerry and get the opportunity …READ MORE

By |Monday, September 29, 2014|

Trekking Ireland Landscapes into Irish Bogs

While trekking through Ireland’s landscape the significance of the boggy terrain is often often misunderstood – that is until one finds themselves up to their eyes in a soft brown slimy substance. So here is a quick guide to the Irish bogs.

The retreating Ice Age glaciers scraped hollows in the rock that were filled with impermeable clay. In the wet climate that followed lakes developed and vegetation followed. This vegetation died but did not rot …READ MORE

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Walking in Ireland Hills Like Archaeologist

Going to the hills and mountains for recreational purposes is a relatively recent phenomenon dating from the 18th century. However, these higher places have been the focus of human attention for millennia. Today, we value many of these upland areas solely for their recreational value, but from the earliest times they were the focus of religious practices, farming and small-scale industry. In Ireland, the physical presence of monuments evidencing these activities and the mythology associated …READ MORE

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