TrekkingTruTime was born out of the desire to incorporate a professional insight into the landscapes we travel through.
Our guides are professional archaeologists, historians and outdoor specialists with unlimited enthusiasm, passion and imagination to ensure your trip is an unforgettable experience.
If your ideal holiday is to explore Ireland’s highest mountains or to watch the landscape unfold from your seat on the coach- TrekkingTruTime is your best companion. Our knowledge of Ireland, its physical landscape, history and culture is the difference between TrekkingTruTime and any other company you might consider.
Visit the landscapes of the Burren, Connemara, Dingle and the Giants Causeway. Along the way learn of Ireland’s 10,000 years of archaeology and history through the monuments and places visited or ramble along Ireland’s medieval paths and mountain pilgrimages.

We offer clients the most comprehensive experience of Ireland in the company of professionals and the comforts of luxury travel.

The company was founded by Galway natives Martin Fitzpatrick and Cormac Cullinane and prides itself on the delivery of professional services by its dedicated staff. Martin’s background in archaeology and history and Cormac’s lifetime of working with people ensure that your trip will be managed from once you book until your adventure is over.
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For North American clients the delivery of services are enhanced as Cormac resides in New York and is available assist with any queries. Martin lives in the West of Ireland where his lifetime work as a professional archaeologist and guide ensures that TrekkingTruTime will deliver on all your needs.

Among Martin’s many interests are the archaeology of the uplands, medieval castles and towns and the history of pilgrimage. All of these topics are explored with TrekkingTruTime and in 2016 there is a special trip along the medieval pilgrimage route of the Camino de Santiago in the north of Spain. Martin has a special interest in this route, having walked it on a number of occasions and published on the association of this pilgrimage with Ireland from the medieval period.